Friday, October 10, 2008

New LFL Team Chicago Bliss!

Newly added to the LFL "Lingerie Football League" is the Chicago Bliss. The team consists of 12 sexy, beautiful, intelligent, successful women. One of them being myself, #5 Breanna Junea. We have recently been placed on the team and are ready to train and kick some lfl butt. There are 10 teams total in the league. The Eastern conference consisting: ATLANTA STEAM, CHICAGO BLISS, MIAMI CALIENTE, NEW ENGLAND EUPHORIA, and the TAMPA BREEZE. The Western Conference consisting: DALLAS DESIRE, LOS ANGELES TEMPTATION, PHOENIX SCORCH, SAN DIEGO SEDUCTION, and the SEATTLE MIST. All of these teams will be competing with each other in a full-contact, seven-on-seven football game for the chance to make it to the playoffs and then SUPERBOWL HALF-TIME SHOW.
There are wonderful, lovely girls on the Chicago team and everyone should come and check us out: or

If you have any questions: comment and/or drop by the myspace page and add me as a friend!

Keep supporting :)

Breanna Junea #5

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